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Oils of the Bible

Essential oils are known to be some of the oldest and most powerful substances on earth. The Bible contains over 200 references to oils, incense, ointments, and other aromatics. They were used for the healing of the sick, anointing, and religious rituals. Oils were used to treat ailments of all kinds and were highly treasured. The Egyptians used many different oils for rituals, including cleaning their bodies and embalming their dead. Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine), the Greeks, the Romans, Napoleon, European Crusaders, the Arabians (developers of distillation), and even early American colonists have used essential oils.

Oils of the Bible

Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs. Part 3 - The Coop

Your chickens have grown and thrived in the brooder and it is time for them to go out to their permanent home.  By this point they have gotten too big for the brooder box, your spouse is tired of the smell and constant dust from all the flapping, and luckily they can tolerate the outside temps.  So its time to move your chickens outside.

Chickens in Chicken Run

Making Raspberry Jam

Last year was the first year that we were able to harvest any of our raspberries. We were pleasantly surprised at how many we were able to gather. Many we ate right there on the spot. Wow, they were delicious right off the vine! So, of course we had to make raspberry jam too.

How to Make Raspberry Jam
Making Raspberry Jam

Who is in Control of Your Family's Healthcare?

doTERRA Family Physician - Take Control  of Your Family's Health

With the rising cost of health care and all of the changes in insurance, who wouldn't want to take control of their own health? But how do you do that? Where do you start? Does any of this resonate with you? I will touch briefly on some essential oil beginner basics, but will dive quickly into a lot of information for specific oils. Today, my intention is to educate and empower you as we explore these oils.