Regrowing Celery from Celery Stumps - Epic Fail

Well we have failed miserably at keeping y'all up to date on the growing celery from kitchen scraps experiment. We do sincerely apologize.

4 Young Transplanted Celery Plants
4 Young Transplanted Celery Plants

Solar Wind Alternative Clothes Drying Apparatus

Jon just recently installed our new solar wind alternative clothes drying apparatus aka a good ole fashioned clothesline. This makes me so happy!

Solar Wind Alternative Clothes Drying Apparatus AKA Clothes Line
Our New Clothesline

How to Pressure Can Green Beans

Our green beans are coming in nicely this year and not a moment too soon! We had to breakdown and buy a few cans of store bought green beans not too long ago. What a shame. But happily we have already canned our second batch of contender green beans this season. Contender green beans are string-less. That makes life a whole lot easier, but we also will have some half-runners coming in later. They have strings, but they are just such a tasty bean they are worth the effort. If you are harvesting your own seeds from your beans don't plant contender and other varieties with strings at the same time or they will cross pollinate. There's no telling what you'll end up with the next year!

Snapped Contender Green Beans
Snapped Contender Green Beans
So, how about a little canning tutorial?

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - Proverbs 31 Mother

Sending prayers and blessings for Mother's everywhere not only today, but every day. But most especially to all of those Mama's most dearest to us.